Welcome to your home for better movement.

I believe that Pilates is more than just a workout or form of rehabilitation. The gift of Pilates is that it’s an opportunity for us to have a conversation with our bodies; to check in, see how it’s doing, to give it a voice, and then challenge it to grow! With over 12 years of experience I have learned early on the benefits Pilates has on the body for all bodies in all forms of movement. It is the perfect addition to any active lifestyle providing you with the tools you need to keep you doing what you do best. You will love the endless possibilities to challenge the mind and body increasing your sense of strength, coordination, awareness, and stability. Together we will train your body to have the skills to move with ease, promoting balanced muscle development for better alignment, control, and overall freedom of movement , and of course making sure we have lots of fun in the process! 

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