A little about me

I believe that everyone needs Pilates. As a young dancer I was drawn to its ability to cross-train my body with attention to detail for ease of movement, fewer injuries, and enhanced performance. Pilates quickly became how I learned to understand my body and help it to function at its best both in and outside of the studio.

My approach to Pilates is informed by over 15 years of training in the STOTT Pilates method while honouring my dance background and need for freedom of movement. As an instructor, I am drawn to quality of movement, creating sequencing that flows, and exercises that challenge the mind, body, and their ability to work together resulting in a toned, agile body able to adapt and move instinctively.

Get Started Today

Starting a Pilates practice is a very exciting thing, but can feel overwhelming at first. There’s so much to know! Let me guide you through any questions you may have for your time at the mat so we can flow, grow, and evolve together. Be sure to check out my blog for all the tips and tricks of starting your Pilates practice, or send me an email to say hello and ask me your questions. I love hearing from you!