Credit: Hannah Elias Goldberg

My Ribs and Sternum:

Somatic Exploration:

•Hold the front and back of the rib cage with an open hand and feel the space between my hands.
•Hold the side of the rib cage with open hands wrapped in front of rib cage and breath in-between your hands.
•Sense the opening and closing movement of breath and notice the bones of ribs moving.
•Sense the depth of breath of the expansion and contraction of rib cage: front, back and side and the internal base of the bottom of the lungs.
•The rib cage, our human cage, the holds our lungs and heart: our life support system. The lungs, the area that takes in oxygen and let out of carbon dioxide with heart filtering the clean supply of blood.
•The sternum our hard cartilage, our front shield that has the flexibility to harden and soften.

Movement Exploration:

Develop an expressive movement exploration with the phrase of “what am I opening to and closing from?” Initiate movement from ribs, sternum and breath. You can include sound or a word or phrase. Stay with this exploration for about 10-15 minutes.

Writing Exploration:
Spend time writing-
“What do I want to open to in my life?”
“How will I do this?”
“What do I want to close from, or what do I want to make closure
“How will I do this?”

“what matters is that you have an open heart. An open heart connects with others and that changes everything as you become vulnerable and authentic with your self and others.”

Come to a close with this exploration with listening to the rhythm of your heart. Finding a circle of breath, as you inhale visualize making a circle of half a circle and then exhale with visualizing the other half circle drawn from the base of the circle out into space. Make 5 large breath circles.

Imagine what your heart is saying right now and allow yourself to feel with accompanying this with micro movement, sound and breath.

Photo and Text Credits: Dorit Osher


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