April 28


02:30 pm - 05:30 pm

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Niki Carr (@NikiCarr)


Full Circle Studio

1183 Odlum Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 2P6

Vancouver, BC, CA, V5L 2P6

Join Niki Carr (@NikiCarr) at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria for a 3-hour workshop where each participant will walk away with the practical tools they need to independently build a full-length flow, use variations for maximum impact, explore new transitions, and progress through exercises more efficiently.

We will start with simple mat work exercises then progressively introduce new concepts and layers of movement to create full flows.

As we build, we will focus on maintaining a balance of our pilates checklist and moving intuitively, asking ourselves questions like: Where can this movement go from here? What does my body need from me right now? Am I maintaining a sense of overall balance throughout my body? And how can I apply the concepts creatively to my movement?

This is where it becomes as much about the mental and emotional challenge of “I can” as it is about physical exertion and progression. Learn Niki’s personal method for developing consistent, fun, creative experiences rooted in movement with a purpose.

We will focus on:

  • Why creativity is so valuable

  • How to create a variation with purpose and intent

  • When & how to effectively use variations

  • Connecting creativity to the concepts

  • Creating the structure for a cohesive workout

  • How to build a workout around a “peak flow”

  • How to progress movements through sequencing and create choreography that flows

  • Having Fun!

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