Beginning a Pilates practice at home is the perfect way to strengthen where you need strengthening, lengthen and release where you need it and promote healthy balanced muscle development all while saving yourself time and money. You don’t need to go to a big fancy studio or have large equipment to get the results you’re looking for. Matwork brings all the benefits with you wherever you go whether you’re at home or on the road. All you need is your body weight! As long as you have space to roll out your mat these workouts are perfect for you.

Feel Confident, Focus On Yourself 

For a lot of people, working out in public can highlight insecurities. Pilates in a group class can add unnecessary pressure for people to learn the exercises and execute them correctly at a certain pace to keep up with the timing of the class. At home, you don’t have to feel like everyone is watching you awkwardly try a new exercise, judging how many reps you can do, or how much you’re sweating. Pilates is mindful movement guided by your breath to help you connect to your body. This is best accomplished without distractions or inhibiting self-consciousness of other eyes.  It’s just you free to move in a way that feels best for you trying to be better than you were yesterday. And really, that’s all it should be about!

Tailor Your Pilates Routine For Your Specific Needs 

No two people are alike and the same goes for your Pilates routine. Your best body is unique to your genetics, lifestyle, circumstances, and personality and the approach you take in your workouts should be just as unique. Focus on what makes your body feel good. What does your body need from you right now? Finding a balance between the checklist and moving intuitively to create a workout that will move you towards feeling like your best self, whatever that means for you. Maybe it means being able to move pain free? More strength? Maybe you want to feel more connected to your body? Whatever your motivation, at home you can take on a workout routine that is customized for your goals and reflects your needs and interests, at your own pace.

No Excuses 

Have you ever gone all the way to the gym just to realize you forgot your runners? Trust me I’ve been there. And let’s be honest, by the time you go home to get whatever it is you forgot that day, are you really going to make it back out to the gym? By working out at home you guarantee you will always have everything you need. Your clothes will always be there, or better yet what clothes? You’re at home! Why not make clothing optional?! And the best part is you get to provide your own entertainment. One of my favourite ways to get through a workout is by putting on my favourite music and following that beat. Or, if you prefer throw on some Netflix in the background and catch up on your favourite show while you get your sweat on.

Inspiring Friends and Family

If you’re on social media often you probably see all sorts of fit moms and dads posting pictures or videos of their children doing workouts with them. It’s adorable to watch. But even better than being cute, these kids are learning by the example of their parents to make fitness a priority making a lasting impression for years to come. But maybe you don’t have kids or ever want to and that’s fine too! Your healthy habits can still inspire a friend, roommate or loved one to value their health and make exercise a priority. If you show others that you can have fun and make the time for your health, you will be an example and inspiration to many!

Pilates Around Your Schedule 

Life is busy, schedules can be hard to coordinate and finding a class time that works for you just might not happen. Bringing your Pilates matwork home allows you to be in control of when class starts and ends. No more rushing to and from a studio or trying to find childcare to make it to your favourite class. Life is stressful enough and this should be your time to check in with your body and focus on some self-care.  By becoming the master of your own workouts it allows you to dedicate as much or as little time to your mat as you can that day. Try it and you’ll see how Pilates from home will have you feeling relaxed, stronger, and balanced in both your mind and body.

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