Mindful Movement for Curious Creatures

The awareness we build in our bodies through Pilates goes beyond the studio and into everything else we do in life. Every time you take a class, it’s an opportunity to get to know yourself and your body a little better. It can be the same thing you’ve done countless times before and each time is a new experience with something new to learn. The more awareness you have, the more creative you can get in challenging the mind and body with tempo and sequencing increasing your strength, coordination, stability, and freedom of movement. It will have you sweating, shaking, and smiling. Everybody needs Pilates.

A little about me

I believe that everyone needs Pilates. As a young dancer I was drawn to its ability to cross-train my body with attention to detail for ease of movement, fewer injuries, and enhanced performance. Pilates quickly became how I learned to understand my body and help it to function at its best both in and outside of the studio.

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