Stretch And Flow Pilates Video Workout



Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Length per video: 25-30 min

Includes: 3 Power Flow Videos

Benefits: Lengthen and release common areas of stiffness in the body to increase flexibility and find freedom in movement.


These three flows are designed to focus on releasing and lengthening common areas of stiffness in the body, helping you increase your range of motion for greater freedom of movement, whether your goal is simply to be able to move throughout your day pain free, or to be able to touch your nose with your toes.

The first flow is all about the hips, which is really beneficial to those of us who sit a lot throughout our day. We are going to give them a deep stretch, opening them up in all directions, while also activating the muscles needed to keep the hips happy and healthy.

The second flow is for the shoulders. We have all had those days where you wake up feeling like you have no neck, your ear lobes are resting on the tops of the shoulders and your chest is tighter than a new pair of jeans. Here we will go through some effective ways of loosening up the chest and shoulders, activating and strengthening the muscles that support proper placement, and will keep the tension out of the neck, chest, and shoulders.

The final flow is for Spinal Mobility, this is where you will find the ease in movement you need to move freely, and keep your back and spine feeling young and supple. We will be moving the spine through all planes of movement: spiraling, stretching, and strengthening so that we can continue to flow with confidence, no matter where our movement may take us.

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