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I love to travel and share my passion for Pilates and movement. I am interested in sharing my experiences, questioning what I know, and collaborating with other curious creatures. If you are interested in hosting me at your studio or event, please send me a message! Check below to see if I’ll be in a city near you any time soon



In this workshop, Niki aims to change your outlook on what is possible in your practice– keeping it fun and fresh. Take part in strategic games that heighten creativity by breaking from your habitual movement patterns and explore new ways to find inspiration for your practice.  Each participant will walk away with the practical tools to independently create and use variations for maximum impact, explore new transitions, and progress through exercises more efficiently to build sequencing that flows for consistent creative experiences rooted in movement with a purpose. 

Clifford Stuido’s – July 27th, 2019

Masterclass 1:30-3pm

Workshop 3:30-5:30


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It’s time to take your Pilates knowledge home with you and put it into practice! Try out any of my six athome workouts thoughtfully designed to give you a well-rounded, juicy flow that will leave you feeling just peachy.